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A great receiver is such a complicated combination of traits—agility, body control, strength, quickness, soft hands, physical stamina, concentration, focus, toughness, pride, eye–hand coordination, vision, intelligence, the ability to conceptualize concepts.

To play wide receiver well, a player must possess a combination of physical traits. Body control and agility are essential to a receiver’s success. The primary thing that a receiver must have is the ability to adjust. Anyone can run a 12-yard pass route against air and turn around. The real challenge comes when the receiver faces a defender who is one of the best athletes on the field and who is using the bump-and-run technique.

A receiver must be able to avoid obstacles and move his body in space. To be able to adjust, a player must have a high level of agility. This is the ability to change body position—even in midair—to make a critical play. Upper-body flexibility is also an important part of body control. Upper-body flexibility is the ability to get the hands in position to catch balls that are thrown behind the receiver or thrown poorly. One of the most important aspects of being able to catch the ball is getting the body in position so the ball can be caught. Upper-body flexibility allows the hands to get into place to make the difficult play. This is one of the most fundamental but least understood skills of receiver play, but it is so obvious when you see a smooth, natural athlete with great ball skills pluck a difficult ball out of the air and make it look easy.

Strength is also very important for a receiver. Strength can help in many ways. It helps players get off the line when the defensive back tries to jam them. Strength helps when two players are fighting for position as they run down the field and work for position on the ball. Strength also helps when going up for high balls and jump balls. Plus, adding strength will help players take the pounding and rigors of a long season. Players who are very productive for a long time, such as Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens, have great conditioning and a high level of body strength.

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